The Benefits of a Ride On Mower

A ride on mower can be an exceptional addition to the machinery and equipment that you always use to take care of your garden. Some people opt to outsource this task to external providers of landscaping services. However, this is very expensive in the long run, especially since your garden will require maintenance for as long as it exists. For this reason, you should consider purchasing a ride on mower. Even though you’ll be forced to spend some money on the purchase, you’ll have the liberty of mowing your lawn whenever you want. Additionally, you’ll exert minimal effort, spend little money on fuel and also save lots of time.

Benefits of a ride on mower

Saves time

One of the main benefits of using a Big Dog ride on mower is that it can enable you cut down the whole lawn within a short period of time, regardless of how large the lawn is. With regard to speed, you cannot compare a ride on mower with its stand behind counterpart. It doesn’t matter if the latter is a push model or the self-propelled model, its speed can’t match that of a ride on mower.

If you have a large garden, but you don’t want to spend lots of time taking care of it, just purchase a ride on mower. It will help you save time.

Minimal effort

Cutting grass can be very monotonous, especially if you use a stand behind model. Additionally, it forces you to exert significant amounts of energy.

However, if you make use of a riding mower, you’ll exert very little effort. In addition to that, you’ll enjoy the experience of mowing the lawn even if the area is large.

Allows you to work even when you are sick

A Big Dog ride on mower allows you to work on your garden even when you are unwell. As a result, you won’t have to spend substantial amounts of money on expensive landscaping services.

On one hand, if your arms or legs got injured, but the grass in your garden still needs to be cut, using a stand-behind mower can cause pain and even worsen the injuries. On the other hand, using a ride on mower cannot cause pain or aggravate the injuries since you’ll be exerting very little physical effort.

This type of lawn mower allows you to take care of the garden when you are as healthy as a horse and also when you are unwell.

Key start ignition

Most stand behind mowers are not fitted with key-start ignition. However, nearly all the ride on mowers available in the market are designed with this exceptional feature.

The key start ignition feature on your Big Dog ride on mower allows you to fire it up with minimum effort. It’s ideal for use by people who have physical injuries or those with weak upper bodies.

Zero-Turn Radius

This is one of the features that you will find upon purchasing a ride on mower. Zero-Turn Radius gives the mower greater maneuverability. Independent control of every wheel enables you to move in any direction by simply moving your hands back and forth.

ZTR significantly reduces the time needed for mowing. This is because you can maneuver around houses, trees and other obstacles and also change direction with little effort.

Factors to consider when choosing a ride on mower

There are certain factors that ought to be considered when purchasing a ride on mower. They include: size of the garden, your purchasing power, range of features, price, type of transmission (manual, hydrostatic or automatic), and type of discharge (side-discharge, mulching-capable or bagger-capable).

Other factors to consider are cutting width, safety features, engine size, size of fuel tank, position of the cutting deck, ease of adjusting cutting height, comfort of the seat, clarity of fuel gauge and ease of mounting, among other factors.